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New Showroom Coming Spring 2018

Bildtec is currently preparing for the opening of our new showroom, located at 343 Horner Avenue in Toronto.

One of the focal points of our new showroom will be Bildtec's Ventilated Rainscreen Facade, a multi-layered building envelope providing technical and aesthetic benefits for both new build and retrofit applications. The advent of a mechanical fastening system combined with porcelain panels has completely revolutionized exterior cladding. Porcelain Ventilated Rainscreen Facades not only minimize moisture and weatherproofing issues and improve energy efficiency, but also provide an aesthetically superior surface with endless design possibilities. Scratch proof, graffiti proof and water resistant features make our porcelain panels extremely easy to maintain. In the unlikely event of surface damage, a single panel can be replaced without effecting the surrounding structure.

The components of this facade will be displayed in a format that will allow clients to view the installation process and materials used, as well as the finished product after assembly.

More information about this system can be found on our website's Ventilated Rainscreen Facade page or by contacting us to book a viewing at our current showroom.

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