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Product Announcement: EssentialKit Pocket Door System

Introducing our newest interior product, the EssentialKit Pocket Door System.

With a frameless flush finish, 4 screw fastening system, single wall installation, pre-pressed measurements and minimal installation time, EssentialKit offers a superior yet cost effective flush pocket door solution.

This product is provided in a single small box for easy transport and delivery, making it particularly ideal for high rise projects


• Applicable for large-scale construction projects and guaranteed by our quality standards.

• Single box packaging for easy transportation.

• Made entirely from metal. This allows for a stronger hold, greater stability in comparison to conventional wood framing systems and savings on both transport and storage costs.

• No frame deflection (no warping)

• No header reinforcement required

• Can be assembled on any flat surface in a matter of minutes.

• Single wall installation.

• Minimal installation time. • Flexible design. • Increased sellable square footage per suite. • Maximum smoothness with minimal effort, thanks to the four wheel track equipped with ball bearings. • Allows sliding doors with a maximum weight up to 120 kg to be installed.

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