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BILD Awards Finalist

We are happy to announce that O2 Maisonettes on George ( by Identity Developements) is one of four finalists for the Best High-Rise Building Design award presented by BILD. Bildtec's Facade and Interior Door systems are a key feature of O2 and we are proud to be a part of this collaboration. The Ventilated Rainscreen Facade is an integral part of the structures innovative design. Its play between the various cladding systems – window, stucco, VRFS – and an entire glass southern façade bring design and light together. Our interior suite doors also add to the aesthetic appeal and superior functionality of O2's units.

We are looking forward to attending the awards show on Thursday April 28 and wish all the other finalists good luck. For more information about the BILD awards, and to see the other award categories and finalists click here.

Visit the Identity Developments website for more information about O2

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