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O2 Condos Nearing Completion

Bildtec's newest project, O2 Maisonettes on George is a new boutique condo project working to break the "boX in the sky" condo trend through architectural and interior design excellence. Dubbed “the uncondo”, O2 is everything your typical condo is not: with spacious flats, two story ‘maisonettes’, modern street level town homes, glass-wall architecture, open-riser staircases, and imported European designs throughout.

Ventilated Facade

The O2‘s Ventilated Rainscreen Façade (VRFS) is an integral part of the structures innovative design. Its play between the various cladding systems – window, stucco, VRFS – and an entire glass southern façade bring design and light together.

Energy conservation and efficiency was a fundamental focus for the Oxygen condos. The Ventilated Façade System maintains a stable temperature inside the building, enabling a savings in heating/air- conditioning costs of between 20 and 30% as opposed to other conventional siding materials.

In the summer, sunlight beams down directly on the panel surface and not on the internal wall directly in contact with the interior of the building; this heats up the air in the chamber, lessening its density and causing it to rise via convection, with cool air taking its place. This “chimney effect” avoids the accumulation of heat on the facade. Moreover, the thermal insulation protects the building from outside heat. In winter, other factors come into play, since the sun’s rays are no longer able to produce movements of air. In this case, the system acts as an accumulator of heat, with the thermal insulation hindering heat loss from the building.

Interior Suite Doors

Our interior suite doors add to the aesthetical appeal and superior functionality of O2's units. Each interior suite door features high sound absorbancy and comes outfitted with magnetic strikes, hidden hinges, Acoustic seals. Their technical charm and installation flexibility offer the perfect solution for any design application.

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