Presenting the first shower cubicle door that slides effortlessly into the wall. 

This new product guarantees extreme functionality and purity of design, and was specifically developed for use in floor-level walk-in showers without a conventional shower tray. A special floor accessory protected by our exclusive patent offers new opportunities to use Essential frames free from exposed mechanisms and architectural barriers. 

This accessory allows water to drain away easily, preventing overflows, and fits conveniently into any floor to perfectly match any style of tiling chosen. 

This solution is available for openings up to 1200mm, and can also be combined with other options such as the special Slow Glass system, designed to ensure slow and gentle closure of glass doors.



  • Allows water to drain away easily, preventing overflows

  • Fits conveniently into any floor to perfectly match any style of tiling chosen

  • The accessory cover can be removed at any time for easy access to drainage pipes for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Essential frames are made from Aluzinc, which combined with a special modular construction technique gives the product a lifetime guarantee against perforations caused by 

  • The Essential shower solution ensures easy access for everyone with difficulties of any kind in entering and using a conventional shower cubicle, due to either the presence of the shower tray or to the space needed for the opening of a normal swing door, in addition to all the other advantages offered by a disappearing sliding door. 

Conventional solution with shower

tray and swing door

Essential: the shower solution
Innovative and free of architectural barriers