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Ventilated Rainscreen Façades are currently regarded as the most effective, safest system for installing porcelain panels of facades, providing the building with numerous aesthetic as well as technical advantages. 

KRION is a façade system made of a new generation solid surface material similar to natural stone. The technically advanced formula allows for the creation versatile shapes for diverse applications, unattainable with any other material.

Pushing the limits of size and thickness imposed by porcelain is now possible. Fully integrated designs can be achieved thanks to the use of the latest technological advances in ceramic production. 

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Offered in a broad range of options that combine technical innovation and superior design, Bildtec`s interior suite doors offer innovative and unique solutions compared to traditional door systems. 

An innovative alternative to the challenges 

encountered with today's traditional pocket door instalaltion. Bildtec’s pocket door system provides a turnkey solution with minimal installation time. This space saving solution is perfect for any application. 

Our skinless Front Entry / Suite Entry doors offer a flush finish, turnkey installation and optional removable skins for a completely customizable look. These security doors come complete with multi-point locks, hidden hinges, skins and handles. 

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Natural stone look, antislip finishes, thickness up to 20mm and relief formats make this high quality porcelain system suitable for all types of external applications. 

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